Meet the Editor

My name is Brittany Fuller. After working in the print industry as an editor for several years, it came to my attention after publishing my first novel that the author community needs quality copy editors. In my own desire to offer my services outside the walls of a newsroom, I decided to branch out and start Revise & Reprise, a copy editing service for the author community.

Novels edited by Revise & Reprise include:

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“I loved working with Brittany. She was very professional from the beginning, which I appreciate. She worked fast and thorough and she helped me see any “holes” in my story. I am confident that I have published a more refined book without losing any of my own voice in the process with Brittany’s help.”

– C.R. Alam

“I was also exceptionally pleased with the editing that has gone into the novel. As a reviewer, editing errors have a way of making meĀ  cringe and think about the mistakes throughout the rest of the story. I was so pleased to be able to read the story in its entirety without having to give pause for any grammatical or spelling errors.”

– Kourtney: Book reviewer on Indecision


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